Created according to eco-design principles, Wallie is a wall-mounted household recycling bin, your best option for a recycling bin at home:


Its design allows you to take advantage of small spaces and have a recycling point in any environment.


Wallie is made with 89% recycled plastic from end-of-life tables and chairs.


Attached with stickers, it allows waste to be stored without taking up the floor. An internal bag makes it easy to transport to the bins.


Designed to be a decorative piece, it can be customized according to the environment in which it is placed.

Indoor recycling bin in the kitchen or laundry room

FAMAE International Competition

Winner of the international FAMAE competition in 2018, this recycling bin, made from recycled plastic and similar in volume to a shopping bag, is an ally for anyone who wants to lead a modern and sustainable lifestyle.


Wallie is made from end-of-life plastic chairs and tables. What's more, its flat design has made it possible to reduce the packaging volume by 40%!

Household recycling bin in the kitchen or garage
Mini household recycling bin to have at home
Household recycling bin for recycling at home

Frequently asked questions

Wallie can be bought online at PADIMAT and LEROY MERLIN

Wallie is sold by the unit and is prepared for a flow. It was created so that each family can decide how many will be useful in their daily routine.

Remove the decorative sheet from the right-hand side and insert your favorite decoration. Alternatively, you can flex the transparent panel, detach the pins and completely remove the panel to insert the new decoration, reattaching the panel once it is complete.

Although color coding is very useful in a public context, it is not necessary in the privacy of the home. Wallie stimulates the imagination in identifying each flow and, because it is customizable, it can be combined with the decor of the house.

Because walls are the most unused spaces in a house. With Wallie, the small free spaces in the kitchen and laundry room, whether in sight or behind a door, can be used for recycling.

Wallie is a LIPOR product, Made in Portugal.

Wallie is made from 89% recycled plastic.

Each Wallie holds up to 10kg and stores up to 22 liters, which corresponds to 32 flattened milk cartons or 12 assembled milk cartons.